Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fermenta Cap! Home Fermenting Made Simple, Easy, and Cheap!

fermenta sauceYears ago I got introduced to fermenting veggies BEFORE it became oh so trendy.  My Grandmother In Law sold me on the health benefits and ease with which you can ferment your own pickles and sauerkraut.  Not only that but they taste so much better than anything in the store!  I would have loved to invest in many of the crocks sold online but the price was way out of my range.  So instead I used a rather low tech way of fermenting.  However it was much more time consuming and messy than a nice crock would be.

Then I got introduced to a great product for home fermenting called Fermenta Cap by Firelight Heritage Farm!  OK so not only is their products easy to use, and effective.  But they are also AFFORDABLE!  If you are a beginner at home fermenting you don't have to put out a boat load of money to try it.  I love that.

Also Fermenta Caps Made In The USA, and was invented by the people who make it. Firelight Heritage Farm's is a home based business and not only did they create the process behind Fermenta Cap, but they make the silicone valves in an environmentally friendly way.  There are many copycats on the market that took this amazing product and are generally knocking them off so make sure to go with the original!

They sell everything you need to ferment your own food from valves and weights, to complete jar sets. Also they sell several sizes of jars, crocks, and lids so you can buy a size to fit your family. What a great and unique gift this would make for Christmas.  I make fermented sauerkraut all year long in small batches so even in the dead of winter you could be fermenting!  They also have a huge index of fermenting tips, directions, and ideas for the newbie and expert alike.

To get your very own Fermenta Cap you can click on the links in this post or there is a Fermenta Cap Advertisement in the right top-hand corner of my blog.  Click on that one and I get a small commision that in no way affects your price.  Happy Fermenting!

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