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The Truth Of Christmas

I am not alone at all, I thought.  I was never alone at all.  And that, of course, is the message of Christmas.  We are never alone.  Not when the night is darkest, the wind coldest, the world seemingly most indifferent.  For this is still the time God chooses.

--Taylor Caldwell

I have gone through times of hardship, loss, bad health, and rejection.  There have been times of dejection and depression when I couldn't see how life could get better. And as a born again Christian I can look at two different times in my life.  My life before Jesus, and my life after.  Before I followed Christ each new crises was horrible and overwhelming.  But the worst part was not the events themselves, but how I reacted to them.  My fear, anger, and depression made me miserable.

My life after I begged (yes begged) for Christ to come into my life couldn't be more different.  It's not that life has suddenly become perfect or that bad things no longer happen.  It's that God had given me a peace that surpasses understanding Philippians 4:7.

But how did I come to this peace?  It sure wasn't easy as I have trust issues.  First I had to remember that God is always with me.  Then, which was even harder, I had to let my will go.  Meaning I had to let go of all my dreams, plans, ambitions and instead tell God.  "Ok I've tried this whole doing things on my own and it only seems to screw things up more.  So God I'm giving up my will to you.  Even though I'm scared, even though I don't know how this is going to turn out, even though it means giving up things I thought I wanted I'm trusting You.  Do what You will in my life and I will praise You.

And you know what the really weird thing was?  Ok it was weird to me anyways!  When I gave up my will to God, suddenly all sorts of amazing things started to happen.  Blessing poured on our family, and the bad stuff, although still there, I had total peace with.  I cannot begin to describe the way that has changed my life.  How it has been improved and how very thankful I am to God for that blessing.

The reason Jesus came is so that we never have to be alone or rejected again.  Even though people or the world may reject us, hurt us. He never will.  He will always love us and be there.  So trust Him, He is there.  He is just waiting for you to ask Him in.

My favorite Bible verse, the one that seems to embody my walk is.

Isaiah 12:2 New King James Version (NKJV)

 God is my salvation,
I will trust and not be afraid;
‘The Lord the Lord, is my strength and song;
He has become my salvation.’”[a]

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Natural Remedy Reference Guide Printable

Here is a great reference guide for different common health problems from over at Greentidings.  Right now I have 3 children down with a terrible sore throat and headache/fever.  So far I have used several of the remedies. Greentidings is a really great site for healthy ideas!

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45 Homemade Dressings, Sauces, and Seasonings

I am trying to avoid additives as much as possible and making such things as salad dressings and sauces homemade is a great way to do that.  Here is a great post over at Gnowfglins with over 45 different recipes!  Go HERE and enjoy!
45 Homemade Dressings, Sauces, and Seasonings | Want to feed your family safe dressings, sauces, and seasonings without worrying about the ingredients or adverse effects? You need these 45 alternative recipes for additive-free dressings, sauces, and seasonings. |

I See Winter In The Wind

Here is a song I just found that is traditional Gaelic, a weakness of mine. It is so evocative of winter and longing I had to put it here.

Chi mi'n geamhradh 'as a' ghaoith
Chaneil an sheachd' fada bhuainn
Sgothan dorch' 's na craobhan ruisgt
Tha an oidhche nochd fuar

I see Winter in the wind,
The snow is not far from us.
Dark clouds and the trees are losing leaf.
The night is cold.

Shaoilean fhein gur ann an de
Bha teas an t-samhraidh 'gar leaghadh
Fad an fheasgair air an Dun
'S tu laighe leisg ri mo thaobh

So often it feels like it was only yesterday,
The Summer heat melted us,
All evening long out on the dun,
And you lying lazy by my side.

S iomadh oidch' a rinn sinn suiridhe
'S iomadh oidhch' a rinn sinn gair
'S ionadh oidhch' a bhithinn a'smuaintinn
Gum bitheadh tu comhla ruim gu brath

Many nights we loved,
Many nights we laughed,
Many nights I thought,
That you would have stayed forever.

Chan fhan a' ghrian chan fhan a' fad na bliadhna
Cha sheas an uair mar a tha i
Dh'fhalbh thusa gu'n a'cheo
'S dh'fhag thu mi le mo geamhradh

But the sun never shines all the year,
and time will not stay as it once was.
You left me for the city,
Leaving me to my winter.

'S iomadh oidch' a rinn sinn suiridhe
'S iomadh oidhch' a rinn sinn gair
'S ionadh oidhch' a bhithinn a'smuaintinn
Gum bitheadh tu comhla ruim gu brath

Gum bitheadh tu comhla ruim gu brath

Gum bitheadh tu comhla ruim gu brath

Many nights we loved,
Many nights we laughed,
Many nights I thought,
That you would have stayed forever

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Darn Tough Vermont Socks

Darn Tough Socks

Winter weather is here with all it's fun outdoor activities.  From trekking through the beautiful countryside, hunting, watching outdoor football games, or playing in the snow the colder temperatures mean dressing more warmly. 
My family is a big into the outdoors.  We love to hunt, fish, and go up to the mountains just to explore.  So when Darn Tough Vermont offered to let me review their socks I was thrilled!  So why am I so excited?  Because these socks are guaranteed for life!  That's right FOR LIFE!

Darn Tough Vermont is a company that manufactures woman's, men's, and kids wool socks that are built to last.  Read about their great products and how they makes them Darn Tough HERE.
Here is a Blurb about the company: 
 Over 30 years ago our family opened a mill and began making socks in Northfield, Vermont.  Frigid winters and humid summers taught us that all socks are not created equally. Living in the most unforgiving climate in the lower 48, our socks had to be tough and of course they certainly had to keep our feet dry and warm. Whether skiing, hiking, biking, climbing or running, our Darn Tough Vermont socks kept our feet oblivious to the elements.
 Our team spent over a year testing yarn combinations and designs, confident that during this process we could create something unique; a sock that we could guarantee for life. And as a 3rd generation sock guy, I can tell you that what has kept my family in the sock business, in America, is the pursuit of quality.
Wow that goes to show you how great these socks are! Not only that but they are Made In The USA but they have a Lifetime Guarantee, no questions asked!

That is a pretty amazing isn't it? I have never heard of socks that are guaranteed for life! My husband, son, and I both got to try a pair of the socks.  From the minute we put them on we loved them. The super cushioning was so great and they fit snugly without being too tight. They are also wonderfully warm but still breath because of the wool.   Our house is very cold and these socks keep our feet warm no matter what the temperature. The wool is so soft that it didn't irritate our skin like some wool products can.   This is a big plus because I hate the itchy wool feeling.
My son loves his socks.  He wears them as much as possible. Two to three times per week.  I also have a pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks that I got for my younger son last year and they are still going strong with no noticeable wear even though he wears them at least twice a week.  Can you tell which ones are over a year old?  And just remember these are little boys wearing them to play outside.  I can't believe how tough they really are!  Just think, if you bought 10 pairs you would never need to buy socks again for the rest of your life.
Darn Tough socks are more pricey that plain old cotton socks, but then again they are guaranteed for life!  Also if you look at any wool hunting, hiking, or ski-ing socks they are the same price.  Being Thrifty doesn't just mean buying things cheap.   In fact being thrifty means spending money wisely.  Many times I spend a little more money for something that I know will last several times longer than the cheaper stuff.  Sometimes you have to pay for quality and that is especially true when it comes to foot products.
City Block Knee High Light 
I would recommend these to anyone looking for high quality wool socks.  What a great Christmas Gift these would make as stocking stuffers!  These are especially good for hunters, outdoors man, ski-ers, those that work outdoors, and hikers.  They even have a fashion line with really cute styles.  I think anyone would love to find these under the tree.  You can find them at many stores such as REI and SocksAddict.
Connect with Darn Tough Vermont

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Free Amazon Book - Christmas Super Value Pack 600 Christmas Recipes

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Christmas Forest Wreath Review and Giveaway!

I love fresh wreaths and Christmas Trees.  The smell of a real wreath is impossible to replicate with fake scents or candles.  You just have to have the real thing!
That is why I was so excited when Christmas Forest offered to let me review one of their wreaths.  The hard part was choosing one.  They have a great selection of different styles that you can see HERE.  In the end I choose the Highlander Wreath because it suits my Christmas d├ęcor.  I love plaids and a more rustic look.  The Highlander wreath seems to usher in memories of holidays across the oceans and through the ages. This old-world Christmas wreath features aromatic noble fir and princess pine, and is made the old fashioned way—painstakingly handcrafted with a traditional Tartan plaid ribbon and bow.
Jingle Bells Christmas WreathThe moment I opened the box the heady scent of fresh pine overwhelmed me!  I loved it and actually leaned in and took a few big whiffs. I was really impressed with the beauty and quality of this wreath.  It looks so much better than the ones you buy at the local store. I have had it up on our front door for a good week and it still looks great even after suffering through single digit temperatures, snow storms and rain.  I have never had such a beautiful wreath.  Thank you Christmas Forest!
Christmas Forest also has a great page under Christmas Ideas on the history and origin of Christmas Wreaths and how to choose a wreath that will last. They also sell a large selection of Christmas Ornaments.  I highly recommend Christmas Forest for high quality, beautiful wreaths. 

Connect with Christmas Forest



Christmas Forest is giving one lucky Thrifty Housewife reader a Christmas wreath of their choice!  Use the rafflecopter to enter, all entries are optional, all winning entries are verified for completion. Good luck!

The Thrifty Housewife was not compensated for this post, I did receive a sample product(s) for the purposes of review. This did not influence my review or my opinions. My views are 100% my own. This giveaway is not affiliated with facebook, pinterest, twitter, or any other social media website.  The winner will be chosen through the rafflecopter form which uses  Winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of contest end.  Winner has 24 hours to respond to the  email.  Failure to respond will result in a new winner being chosen. The Thrifty Housewife is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Open to US and Canada.  All Entries are verified.

Easy Creamed Corn

Creamed Corn my way

Most people think that creamed corn is the slop that comes from the can.  I would only feed that to my chickens!  Homemade creamed corn is amazing and super easy so make it once and taste the difference.  This is for thanksgiving dinner so it makes allot.  Halve it for a regular dinner.

Two packages frozen white corn (or ten ears sweet corn if in season, cut off kernels with a sharp knife and then use the back of the knife to scrape the cob to get all the "milk" out)
2 cups cream
4 tablespoons butter
salt to taste
1/2 tsp sugar

Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan and simmer until the cream is thick.  Serve hot with thanksgiving dinner.