Monday, October 19, 2015

The Real Truth No One Tells You About Being A Mother

I see allot of funny things about being a mommy online.  The "they never told you" kind of stuff.  But I want to share my experience on that topic.

What They Never Told You About Becoming A Mommy

That you will suddenly stop caring so much about "self" and find happiness in doing things for your children.  Instead of buying that new outfit, pair of shoes, or high tech device you will want to buy something for your child instead.  If you have no money you will wear your underwear until it falls apart so your child has shoes and clothes. You will go without nights out, treats and fun so your little ones can go swimming or have music lessons.

You will have sleepless nights of every two hour feedings, or when they are sick nursing and caring for them.  You will clean up ALL SORTS of fluids and only feel concern for the one who is not feeling well.

When your child is broken hearted your heart will break even more.  When your child is treated badly or bullied you will want to righteously punish the wrong doer.

You will endure years of pain, sadness, and depression so that your child will not feel that pain as well.

When you are exhausted or sick you will smile and hug that child who excitedly comes up to you with another question, request, or need.

This is the mother we all think of.  Motherhood at its best and most terrible.

But here's the thing no one tells you.  You WONT MIND DOING IT.  I mean it really.  You wont even think twice or bemoan how you sacrifice for your children.  You wont tell your children what a burden they are, or make them feel guilty for their needs. It will be something you just DO.  And you will look at that precious child sleeping peacefully in bed after an exhausting day, and thank God that He gave you them.

Is there something super human in this?  Something mystical or holy?  Yes I think there must be.  It is truly the mother of a child who teaches tenderness, love, and sacrifice.  Yes we all fail at times, we all have moments.  But this unfailing love renews, grows, and replenishes every day. At her very best a mother is an example of God's unfailing love for us all.

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  1. This is beautiful Sarah! Thank you for sharing it on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! :)


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