Friday, May 30, 2014

Using Redmod Clay To Treat A Poisoned Dog!

Note:  I am not recommending this to anyone, the only reason we used this clay was because our vet told us point blank that if it was antifreeze or stric nine poisoning his kidneys were already shot and he would die.  So taking a chance like this certainly couldn't make things worse! This is not a paid post or a review post.  I did not receive this products in exchange for this post!  This is just something I found that not only works but possibly saved my dogs life.  I want to share that knowledge with others.  This post does contain affiliate links to where you can buy Redmond Clay.  I may receive a small commission if you buy some but it doesn't effect your price at all.  As always I never recommend anything I don't believe in 100% myself.

If you suspect poisoning of you dog call your vet immediately like we did! Swift action is essential.

This last Saturday night I noticed that our Boarder Collie mix Bremmer was acting strangely.  Like most boarder collies he is extremely agile, but he was tripping, sliding, and stumbling.  And his eye's were weirdly glazed.  I watched him with concern as the symptoms got worse and he started having diarrhea. 

Looking up the symptoms on the net I saw they matched the beginning stages of  antifreeze poisoning exactly!  I knew from working for a vet for awhile that this type of poisoning is horribly fatal, even if caught early. As Bremmer was already vaccinated illness wasn't likely.  So I called the vet emergency line and talked to the on call vet.  He asked if we knew what had poisoned Bremmer, but we couldn't think of anything!  We don't even have antifreeze and have a fenced yard.  We keep all our household chemicals up and out of reach due to having had babies from the past 16 years, and all our outdoor chemicals are kept in a separate shed in the fenced in chicken yard.  The small amount of alcohol we have is also kept up and hadn't spilled and I checked around the house for anything that he might have gotten into but could find anything!  I really started to worry that someone had poisoned him on purpose.  We have several crazy neighbors, and even one lady we have caught hitting our dogs over the fence.

The vet was very forthright, he told me if it was antifreeze poisoning Bremmers kidneys were probably already damaged beyond repair.  By the time the dog displays symptoms it is almost always to late, even with instant medical intervention.  He told me to watch him and if he stopped being able to get up to call him back and be ready to come in.

Looking at our poor dog, who isn't even a year old yet I felt truly hopeless and helpless.  It was horrible watching him get slowly worse.  Then I remembered that I had a large container of Redmond Bentonite Clay powder which you can find by clicking the link.  This is a clay that is safe to take internally and has been used for hundreds of years by doctors to treat poisoning, it is very similar in it's action as activated charcoal and absorbs toxins and poisons in the body.

Looking at our puppy I came to the conclusion that it couldn't hurt him.  If it was antifreeze it was likely too late to save him, but if it was anything else it could help. The Redmond Clay I have is a powder so I mixed it with water to make a paste and tried feeding it to him, he refused.  So I mixed it with a little peanut butter and then he ate it gladly.

Within 10 minutes we saw an improvement in his symptoms.  The stumbling got better and better and by 1/2 hour he was almost normal and had laid down to sleep. I watched him sleep with anxiety because I knew that he could have seizures from antifreeze.  About 15 minutes after he fell asleep he started to throw up.   I examined his vomit to see if I could find anything that caused the poisoning.  In it was tons of food from the chicken yard.  I then realized what had poisoned him!

I had been baking bread that morning in my bread machine and for some reason my first batch had not mixed right.  I threw the raw dough to the chickens and Bremmer got in and ate it.  Raw bread dough can poison a dog because once it gets into the stomach the yeast begins to ferment and turns to  alcohol!  Alcohol not only can make your dog drunk but also poison them as it is very deadly to them.  And this is exactly what happened to Bremmer! Note- Raw bread dough is a common poisoner of dogs.

I have no doubt that the Redmond Clay absorbed the toxic alcohol and stopped the poison in its tracks.  If we had not given it to him he may have recovered or the alcohol could have damaged his organs so much that he would have died.

Two days later he is his normal spazzy self.  Bremmer is a typical herding dog with lots of drive and energy.  He takes his job of protecting his flock (us) very seriously and is always patrolling the windows in the house and the yard when he is outside.  He is very friendly with people but is a great little alert dog.

I am so thankful that we had the Redmond Clay on hand, but am even more thankful that our little dog is ok!  I have used Redmond Clay for lots of things and now will always have some in the house.


  1. That is amazing! I'm so happy for your family. We have no pets, but I am filing away in my head for future reference. I'll probably now spend some time researching this clay more, because that's how I am. :)

  2. This works on humans too!! I'm carry an Epi-pen at all times because of my severe allergy to soy. I was at a picnic and only ate what I thought to be safe and sure enough I ingested some soy from the grilled chicken. My Epi-pen didn't do the job completely so I took the Redmond clay. With-in 10 mins I felt so much better and with the final vomit I was feeling "normal" again. I understand that it contains lead and if it's something to consider. So happy that your puppy is doing well!!!!

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