Saturday, May 31, 2014

Respect the Chicken!

What an amazing animal the chicken is.  It was one of the first creatures that humans appreciated enough to domesticate.    And if you ever have the chance to own a few you will understand why with their many sterling qualities. Low maintenance and small enough to not cause life threatening injury if they get mad at you.

 They raise their own young with ease and are extremely prolific.  They can scramble for food in the wild and yet happily devour all possible forms of kitchen waste.  They can be penned easily or trusted to stay close to home while roaming.  They don't require allot of love or attention from humans to find meaning in life,  all though a few will follow you around and take an interest in whatever you happen to be doing. They can be entertaining, beautiful, and most of all useful!

What other animal not only can give us a tasty meal itself but also give us a perfect little protein rich package every day of their life?  I greatly respect any animal who gives us food to eat but the chicken has got to be one of the best.  The best being of course the family milk cow (number 1 on fantasy list).

Our chickens are 4 and a half years old and laying up to 8 eggs a day.  That is a whopping 56  eggs a week from 9 chickens!  Our chickens hardly eat any store bought food and take care of all our kitchen scraps and garden waste including grass clippings since we don't treat our grass with chemicals.  They are quiet (we don't have a rooster) and generally speaking they don't smell. They are the ultimate survival livestock.  I love to just sit and watch them as they are very pretty and funny too.  When people ask me what is the easiest farm animal to raise and care for I always say chickens!

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  1. Ditto!!! You can't really appreciate a chicken until you meet one, as I tell my friends. They meet my 13 girls and are immediately taken by them. Mine are all named and I have a few divas who require a daily huggy-pat. It makes me smile every day! God knew what He was doing when He gave us the humble adorable chicken. 8-)

    God Bless,
    Janet in MA


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