Thursday, April 14, 2011

Men and Boys

I love the differences between little boys and girls.  I was raised with all girls and was immersed in a culture of feminatzi propaganda my whole childhood.  Men were put down and treated like children.  Intact families were pretty much non existent. And popular TV and school only encouraged the idea that most men were closet case rapists or idiots unless they were "feminized".  This attitude has only grown worse over the past years to outright hostility to men and boys. 

I have often heard many discouraging comments from other mothers about boys.  They put down the things that make boys boys.  Things like curiosity, activity, and physical exploration.  Now kids are constantly told to sit down and be quiet.  To play video games or watch t.v. instead of go hammer on something or dig or climb a tree. Because of course, it's much easier to set your kids in front of the t.v. than actually parent them.

Yes that is dirt all over his face!

Viking boy loves to be with his daddy doing "work".  It is amazing to me how one of his first words is "work" and "tool".  When daddy is gone to work he often comes up to me saying "Dada?"  and I say, "Dada's at work".  Then he always responds holding up his tools that he carries around "Work? Dada Work Tool?"  He's saying he wants to go work with Dada. From the moment daddy gets home his little shadow is with him, chattering about everything and wanting to be like daddy.  He is at his most happy when given a "job" even if its just putting something in the garbage.  Most little boys I notice are like this.  They want to learn to be a man.  How sad for those little guys that don't have a daddy at home to teach them and love them.  What a huge hole in a child's life that has no daddy.  The women who say that a daddy is unimportant in a child's life are not only wrong, but destructive too.  I see every day why my husband is important to my children.  Both girls and boys need  a loving daddy to show them what a real man is.

Isn't it amazing that God gave little boys from their earliest  years a need to work?  That he gave them an actual enjoyment of hard physical labor, while he gave us women a love of nurturing and making a home lovely?  Put the two of us together and we form a wonderful team.

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  1. Reminds me of a quote I recently saw from Steve Farrar

    "We can damage our young boys by overprotecting them and by creating fear that they may get hurt. Little boys that are constantly overprotected are in jeopardy of having their masculinity warped. Obviously we are to teach them to have good judgment, but we are not to squelch their aggressiveness. They will survive the broken bones and scars of boyhood, but they cannot survive being feminized through the perpetual fear of getting hurt. God made boys to be aggressive."



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