Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Childrens Book Recommendation

One of my top recommendations for little boys ages 6 to 13 years is the Horatio Hornblower books by C.S. Forester.  This has everything a budding man needs.  Excitement, danger, acts of courage, the meaning of honor, history, and good Christian morals.  This is something you will have to read to your child until they reach the pre-teen or teen years because it is fairly challenging by our standards, but I found it fascinating and fun for me as well.  My eldest daughter read the entire series of books when she was about 12 and gives them two big thumbs up.  Hornblower is a great role model for young men.  This deserves a place in your home library.


  1. Not to be totally off topic, but I was wondering about your bread posts. I want to make bread and recall the posts you made months ago and read through them. Do you still recommend the quick oat bread recipe as your daily go to bread or do you make the potato one more? I too am tired of the rising bread prices and my children love when I make homemade bread. I actually let my kitchen aid do all the hard work so it makes it a breeze.
    Thanks for your helpful ideas.

  2. I've decided to keep using the potato bread. Everyone likes that the best. The oat bread was good but the potato is better.


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