Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Remodeling the bathroom

The upstairs bath has been inoperative for the last 3 months while we accumulated the money to fix the problem.  It all started when we noticed the tub (one of those plastic inserts) was cracked on the bottom.  That necessitated a total rip out of the entire thing and resorting to the use of our downstairs tiny shower stall for all personal cleaning.  I sooo missed my tub!

Wow that looks amazing.  This was our first remodel job ever with no help besides our neighbor helping Husband haul the tub upstairs.  Hernias and internal damage never keep good men down!

The $20.00 cast iron tub with dirt in the bottom.  I'll be rinsing that out as soon as were done grouting and caulking the tile

Here's a shot of the glass tile accent I used to cover up the wall cut.  I still need to grout it today.

This bathroom is long an narrow so pictures are hard to take

These cupboards were an ugly worn brown wood

This is the old tile I'm going to replace with the green glass tile you see above and around the tub


this light fixture is going to be spray painted with to oiled bronze paint to match the other fixtures

Because I'm a frugal person I found a cast iron tub on craigslist for $20.00 in perfect condition.  It will never crack!  So slowly Husband ripped out the old tub.  This last week we bought all the stuff needed to completely remodel the bathroom.  I figured we might as well do the whole thing.  So we painted, put in the new tub and walls, put in new hardware for the sink and tub, and put up glass tile.  We aren't done yet.  I'm going to tile the counters, spray paint the light fixtures and put new knobs on the the cabinets. 

I wish I had done before pics, the last time this bathroom was remodeled was in the 80's.  The cabinets were the standard dark brown wood and the walls were a plain white with all sorts of mismatched hardware.  It looks amazing but I still have a few things to do.  I'm going to paint the fixtures metal to match the oiled bronze switch plates and faucets and put the tile in.  Then Fin!

By the way I HATE painting and fiddly work.  I could work in the garden, muck out stalls, or cook all day.  But I detest painting!  Always have.  But a job worth doing is worth doing right.

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