Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What we've been up to with pics

The past three weeks have been extremely busy.  I painted the girls room, we just are finishing up remodeling our upstairs bathroom and will finally have a tub again, we got our milk cow that is due to have her calf any day, I started about 50 tomatoes/peppers/eggplants, and ordered and received my new milk buckets.

These milk buckets hold almost 4 gallons and are rolled stainless steel with lids.  They should work perfect for milking Buttercup.  I can't wait!  I loved milking our goats, but cows are so much nicer because the teats are bigger and easier to handle.  Plus the cream separates and rises to the top as apposed to goats milk which is naturally homogenized.

We also bought the boards to make 5 more raised beds but have to wait until the ground thaws to put them in.  Busy Busy Busy!  I wanted to get the bathroom done before the cow freshens because after that I will be dealing with milk processing for a good part of the morning and evening.  I still need to start my hot pepper plants but ran out of pots.  I'm also considering cabbage starts since we like cabbage. The day I started my plants it was snowing like the dickens, and today it's snowing again.  Sigh!  I am so looking forward to spring!

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