Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bad News Bathroom

Last night was our maiden voyage on the newly remodeled bathroom.  Everything is (almost) done, but the tub was ready to be used.  For the past few days I have been dreaming of using that bath. The kids were almost as excited as I was.  So we turned on the water to rinse out the bottom, one child already begging to get the first turn, when Husband came yelling up the stairs "TURN THE WATER OFF".

Apparently we had a miniature Niagara falls coming off the first floor ceiling!  Water is turned off and we confront the fact that we may have to RIP OUT THE TUB.  Ack!

Deep breath and now Husband is cutting out the floor under the sink in the hopes that he can find the leak and fix the problem without ripping out the tile, the tub, and the paint.

Pray for us

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