Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good books for boys (and girls)

One thing I think that can be difficult is finding books that are fun and interesting for boys. One series I highly recommend is the Little Britches series by Ralph Moody. 

It is very similar to the Little House books, but less well  known.  Like the Little House books these are the true stories.  It was written by a man chronicling his childhood homesteading with his mother and father.  In later books his father dies leaving his widowed mother to care for her large family in the American West.  From a boys perspective this is a great book.  The young boy shares his love of horses and farming, it shows him stepping into enormous responsibility after his father dies and how he thinks up many of ingenious ways to help support his mother and siblings.  It also concentrates on the amazing strength of his mother as she confronts a very difficult life.  These books are full of character affirming examples, and will probably bring home to your boy or girl how lucky they are to live in our modern age.

I read these books as an adult and found them fun as well as fascinating.  They are a detailed look at farm life before mechanization and an even more detailed look at homesteading and life at the turn of the century.  My eldest daughter loved these books and it started some very interesting conversations at the dinner table.  Boys will love the stories of Ralph and his learning how to tame horses and his adventures as a ranch hand.

Mr.  Moody wrote several books besides this series that are a good read.  These are a must on your book shelf because they will be read again and again!

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  1. Wow. Definitely going to look up these books! Another series you may want to check out is the Great Brain series by Fitzgerald (?).


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