Thursday, February 17, 2011

Buttercup the milk cow has arrived!!!

We now are the official owners of a purebred jersey milk cow!  And she is as sweet as she is beautiful.  At around 7:45 she arrived at the barn, came right out on the lead and walked right into her stall.  She was curious about her new home and spent the first half hour walking around checking out the fence.  We tempted her with a little sweet grain and she came right over to allow the kids to pet her and love her.  As soon as we left Princess in Waiting said "Mama I miss Buttercup."  Awwww!

Here she is happily eating hay in her manger.  She is shaved on the side because the previous owners kept her shaved for milking.  She's dry right now so she can build up her reserves for the new calf.  More pics to come but of course my camera died after just one shot!

She is due to freshen in about 2 weeks to a month.  She was bred and then re bred so we don't have an exact due date but we had her tested and know shes pregnant.  I cant wait to see the new baby.  Jersey calves are so sweet with those big eyes.  We already half the calf sold to someone if its a heifer.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog although I have never commented. If I was you, I'd keep the heifer. We keep our female goats and sell the little billies. If it's a bull calf you could feed him out and then put him in the freezer. If it's a heifer, it could be the start of your small herd. Selling her might be short-sighted: money isn't worth much these days but a heifer, now that's real wealth! Congrats! Sherri (here's my email address:

  2. Congratulations on Buttercup! =) I like what Anonymous said about keeping the makes so much sense...either way, congrats and good luck...

  3. How wonderful!!!! A milk cow is on my "list" of things to get. hehehehe. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in milking!

  4. Just found your blog... I wanted to tell you that Jersey Bulls are among the most aggressive and dangerous of all breeds. Never let your kids near them and never trust or turn your back on a Jersey Bull (or ANY dairy Bull). I hope you will do heed me and do some research... and I hope you will "de-bull" the calf, carefully counting both testes if you plan on banding (recommended).

    Jersey cows have wonderful temperaments... Jersey bull as just plain dangerous.


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