Sunday, February 13, 2011

Daisy the Cow... Dreams can come true!

We went to view a jersey milk cow yesterday and I have to say I think I'm in love.  This is a great little jersey.  She's 3 years old, due to freshen next month with a purebred jersey calf.  She is halter trained and followed my daughter and I like a well trained dog when we led her around the paddock.  For meeting new people she was incredibly calm and wasn't even scared of the kids.  She is used to hand milking and has good attachments.  On her first freshen she was giving about 4 gallons a day without grain.  I am so excited!  We put a deposit down on her and should have her within two weeks if everything works out.  I can't wait to start getting milk/butter/cream/cheese/yogurt from her.

Sorry about the picture, it was a cell phone pic.


The kids had a blast at this guys farm.  He has a very nice operation and has 7 children of his own so he didn't mind my kids at all.  As soon as they got out two of his boys ran out of the house to play and show the kids around.  Even Viking boy was good as he resolutely followed their chickens around trying to catch one.  The chickens being hip to this kind of game kept just ahead of him.  The older kids all ran out to a little forest the guy has next to his house and had a grand time playing.  Sigh... wish we lived in a place like that!

For ten years I have wanted a milk cow.  I can't believe it might actually happen.  Eldest Daughter wants to rename her Buttercup.  What do you think?  I should do a poll.  How many for Daisy, how many for Buttercup?

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  1. I would vote Buttercup. Also I thought you should know that the picture is just a file name. Not even a link. I hope your new cow gives you many good years of service.


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