Saturday, April 8, 2017

Easy Icebox Desserts for Easter

1940s Vintage mother and child cooking illustration from a Dick and Jane Reader, 1947
Easter is almost here and I am starting to plan the menu for that days special dinner.  I try to make festive meals as special as possible without over-stressing myself.  I want to be able to enjoy the day with my family and not be in the kitchen the whole time!  My solution is to make things ahead of time and choose recipes that can be adapted with that in mind.  Ice box cakes fit the bill perfectly!  They are delicious, impressive, and crowd pleasers.  And best of all they can be made the day ahead, and in fact should be!  make one or two of these for your Easter gathering and be ready for compliments.  These are recipes I have found to be excellent.  Click on the links to be taken to the recipes.

Lemon Icebox Delight

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