Friday, May 20, 2016

Morel Hunting Success!

Morel mushrooms are in my humble opinion one of the most delicious mushrooms around.  However it is also only found in the woods and is difficult to find at times.  But on the upside it is one of the most easily identifiable mushrooms around due to its very distinct form and lack of poisonous look alike's.  This year has been a great year for morels up in northern California.  Every-time I go out I get a bunch and have been drying them for the winter as you can see.


  1. LOL, my neighbor and myself walked forty eleven miles of the forests looking for morels with no luck. Then when I walked through her garden to pick up her and her dog, there were morels all over her garden. Her husband had made apple juice the previous year and had through the remnants on her garden. She was as happy as a clam ;-D

    b g

  2. My aunt and uncle in West Virginia called them Molly moochers. If you were there at the right time he would take you "Molly moocher huntin" ~ miss georgia


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