Friday, November 21, 2014

How To Make Mashed Potatoes in the Slow Cooker

I am planning to make allot of my Thanksgiving sides in our crockpot this year.  I have two crockpots.  One is a big one and the other is one of those 3 pot kind that you can do three side dishes or a small main and two side dishes.  I have been using my crockpots almost on a daily basis since my surgery.  It has been an amazing help because by dinner time I am usually worn out and do not want to cook a full meal for 6 people while various children tell me they are starving to death.

I found this great site called The Kitchn that step by step shows you how to make yummy mashed potatoes in your crockpot for Thanksgiving.  This is such a big time saver!  I'm doing it.  It even has a super easy print option at the top.  Go HERE to get the instructions which are super easy by the way!

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