Friday, August 15, 2014

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors... Until They Break!

The Chicken Coop is on the right
In the pasture next to us we have a neighbors beef cattle herd of about 20 cows and calves with two huge bulls.  They have been peacefully grazing away but yesterday we discovered that they have been walking down the canal next to our chicken run and getting in.  The evidence was some cow pies scattered throughout.  I think they were interested in the corn/barley/oats we had thrown out for the chickens.  It's amazing how well cows can scent that from far away.

Loitering with intent
Our chickens were highly discombobulated by the whole experience.  Having a  cow suddenly appear in you home and start eating your food is not a good thing in chicken land.  And this morning I go out and all the cows are clustered by the chicken coop.

The busted fence
When I walked around I saw that they also busted down the fence that divided the chicken coop run from the pasture.  So I had to call our neighbor and let him know, but before I could one of the half grown calves decided to visit the chickens.  Lots of outraged squawking and flying about ensued.

Evidence of a visitation
Our neighbor is a great guy however, and was out in a jiffy to fix the fence and do some stern talking to his cows about un-neighborly visits.

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  1. Good fences make good neighbours.


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