Thursday, August 14, 2014

11 Fruits and Vegitables That Last For Months and Save You Money

Every fall I buy about 100 pounds of apples from local growers in the Tri-Cities Washington.  They sell in bulk, often for 50 cents a pound.   With six people in my family, and all of them loving apples for fresh eating and pies you can imagine we go through allot. I always buy varieties known for their long keeping ability and store them in a cold room.  They usually last us well into February. There are many fruits and veggies that store very well and therefore save you money because your not throwing rotten food out.  If you have a root cellar look into ways to store your veggies there this fall. Or there are tons of other ways to store fruits and veggies for long term in a cold garage, unheated room, or even in the ground.

Long Keeping Fruits and Veggies
Apples- Store in a cold but not freezing room, eat the biggest first because they go bad faster and don't store near other fruits and veggies because they let of a gas that causes them to go bad.
Beets-  These can last for months in the fridge or a very cold room. Cut off the greens before storage.
Cabbage- I love cabbage and it lasts up to two months in the fridge.
Carrots- These can be stored in a variety of ways and last for months
Garlic- This will keep for months in a moderately warm environment like a dark cubbord
Onions - These will keep up to a year in a 30-50 degree dark area.  Sweet onions like Walla Walla sweets will not keep half so long
Potatoes - These can easily last all winter if stored properly. 40 degrees is the perfect temperature with high humidity, so a cellar or basement is a good spot.  Keep them out of the light and do not store them near apples which make them sprout.
Winter Radish - Store as you would carrots with the greens removed
Winter Squash - There are so many varieties and uses for winter squash and they will last all winter if stored right.  They like a temp around 60 with lots of air circulation. So a nice airy cupboard works well.  Don't let them touch!
Rutabagas -  store on a bottom shelf in your fridge wrapped in plastic.

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