Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We Finally have Raw Cows Milk Again!

I have always loved raw, unpasteurized cows milk.  There is ample evidence that the process of homogenization (which keeps the cream from rising from the top) and also pasteurization is bad for your health.  Insofar as your getting your raw milk from a cow that has tested negative for the diseases all cows have to be tested for and is being milked in a sanitary way the milk is perfectly safe and delicious! (trust me when I say this because I'm a germ freak and cant eat food I don't trust)  At one time I had a beautiful jersey milk cow named Buttercup that you see in these pictures that gave us gallons of milk.  I loved having all that milk to play with for things like cheeses, yogurts, and other healthy foods.

But that was long ago in another life.  The more I read about store bought milk the less I want to give it to my family.  But where to find a reliable source of good milk?  Well I found one and am so jazzed I'm fairly dancing.  I get it from a lovely lady that charges me only $3.00 per gallon!

The milk I get is from a jersey cow (which gives less milk but more cream) and is no more than a day old, and so delicious my kids even love it.  I first served it to them with a little chocolate mixed in, but after that first glass they were fine with it straight.

How does it compare to the store bought?  First off it is less, how can I say this, slimy in texture.  Due to homogenization store bought milk has a very different texture than milk straight from a cow.  Also it is more thirst quenching.  And last but not least it is FULL of cream that rises to the top after being in the fridge for a night.  I skim the cream into a sterilized quart jar for use in coffee and for whipping.

Look close at this gallon jar and you will see the cream line.  I measured a full 4 inch cream layer on one jar! 
My quart full of cream.  Oh how I love fresh cows milk!  Someday I will have my dream of a small 10 acre hobby farm with another milk cow, but for right now this is great.

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