Thursday, April 17, 2014

Puppy Love - Our newest family member

My husband recently called me telling me to come down and look at some yellow lab puppies. Knowing that frankly I would go and see any baby animals (I'm an animal lover) I came right down with the kids and saw a litter of 8 adorable puppies with their mom who was a sweetheart.  My husbands goal was to convince me that we should take one.  He has been wanting a hunting dog since we got married.

The long and short of it is that we now have a new family member named Nika who is a sweet little female lab puppy.  The personality difference between a lab and a boarder collie puppy is amazingly different.  Our boarder collie mix is almost a year old now so his puppyhood is still fresh in my memory. Typical to a lab Nika is already eager to please and obedient.  I have noticed her nose is much more sensitive and she is much more of a "people" dog. She of course also has the lab tendency towards mouthing everything!  I know she's going to be a great family dog, and hopefully a good hunter.  She has already adjusted to our family and absolutely loves our kids. I have always thought that labs make great all around family/alert/deterrent dogs with the added bonus of being able to hunt.  With our active family who likes to go camping and fishing allot she will be a good fit.

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