Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our New Puppy Bremmer

We recently got a new dog for our family.  He is 3/4 boarder collie and 1/8 mcclean 1/8 springer spaniel.  Both his parents were on site and very nice dogs with great personality.  He is really strong willed and smart. He already know sit command and we are working on down and roll over.  After our recent problems with bad things happening at our house due to strangers we decided our 5 year old golden retriever is just not a good alert dog.  He slept through the fire and the crazy druggy who came on our property.

We named the puppy after my great grandmothers black lab Bremmer.  I used to visit her almost every week and she lived out in the country.  While the grown ups chatted I would go outside and explore the fields with the condition that I would keep Bremmer with me.  Like most labs he was very good with children but still big enough to scare away any unwanted attention from strangers.

Our new Bremmer's herding instinct is strong and I'm hoping we can teach him to herd our chickens!  I have a friend who's dog does that!

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