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Breezecatcher Clothesline Review - Save Tons Of Money!

As you all know my family is on so tight a budget it squeaks.  I do every thing I can to save money from baking our own bread to buying almost everything second hand.  But there are some things that I always buy brand new (underwear, shoes, socks) and some things I cant find used.  

One way I save lots of money is hanging my laundry out on a line to dry.  I do on average three loads of laundry a day.  That is 21 loads a week an that doesn't include the weekly wash day of the bed linens.  Hanging your laundry out not only saves tons of electricity (see- money) but also your clothes last longer.  A dryer is quite wearing on clothing. Also there is nothing quite like the smell of lined dried clothing, especially bed linens.  Did you also know that sunlight is a natural germ killer?  Its true! So as soon as it is warm enough to dry anything outside I am doing it.    

Unfortunately in our new yard we have very little non shade space, and much of that I wanted for my garden! I couldn't go with the standard line strung between two poles.  What I needed was a rotary clothes line.  The ones that kind of look like an inside out umbrella   They save space but still allow for tons of clothes to be hung up!

After researching several companies I contacted the Breezcatcher Clothesline company.  They were incredibly awesome in sending me one of their rotary driers for review!  When they gave me a choice of products I was happy to see how affordable they are.  My model only costs $170.50 and when you consider it will last for years that's a good deal!

What I thought

When I first received my Breezecatcher Clothesline  I was amazed at how manageable it was at only 14 pounds.  I could easily pick it up.  At first this concerned me because I needed it to be very tough and durable.   I was thinking that it couldn't handle a full day of linen washing that is 6 beds of sheets, heavy blanket and other miscellanea.  But I underestimated this great product!  Check out this pic!

Installing it was straightforward and cheap.  You do need a bag of instant mix concrete but that's about it.  We had it up within 1/2 hour.  Then after two days to let the concrete really set it was ready to use!  Yay!  Is it sad that I get excited about hanging my laundry out?  Who cares!

The first thing I noticed when using it was how great the rotating feature is.  Instead of me having to move all around, taking my laundry basket with me, I can just stand in one place and turn the arms.  It turns as smooth as butter and the lines they sent are super tough and don't stretch at all.  This is a feature I was very aware of since I have used laundry lines that sag horribly with even a small amount of weight.

After hanging out several loads my Breezecatcher Clothesline still rotated with the breeze and my clothes dried nice and fast.  Taking clothes off the line was even better because I didn't have to move around with my basket. My model comes with the below features


Right now Breezecatcher is running a great deal for free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more in the US!

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  1. Super review and product. The smell of line dryed clothes is the best!


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