Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hobbit Hole Houses And Chicken Coops

Ok I absolutely love the books The Hobbit, and The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy.  I have read them countless times, before I might add they became popular   I am currently reading the Hobbit to our younger children and they have fallen in love as well.  In fact this winter we made hobbitats (mini gardens with hobbit houses) to alleviate the winter doldrums.

Anyway I just came across this amazing site with custom built hobbit holes to be used for playhouses, chicken coops, outdoor reading nooks, or guest housing.  Oh my gosh I want this so bad!  We are going to be buying a new chicken coop and this would be so amazing.

Also just to let you all know I have always wanted to build my own little hobbit home up in the mountains just for fun as a place to go camping.  Check out their site for more pics and ideas Wooden Wonders

My kids would love to have one to play in!

This is there chicken coop with the nesting box on left

another chicken coop that I love

This has got to be my favourite, you can almost see Bilbo coming out cant you?

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