Monday, September 3, 2012

My first ride on a train!

Funny to think I'm thirty three and just took my first ride on a train.  Sad but true!  I've always wanted to ride a train so when we moved to our new town in Oregon and I heard there was a historic steam engine train that did scenic ride only 20 minutes away I swore we would go before summers end.

So this last weekend we decided to go on up to the Sumpter valley rail and try it out.  It was so much fun and the kids loved it.  The Sumpter train is one of the few wood fired steam engines in operation.  We learned all about it and the local gold mining history.  The train conductors were so nice and every one of them was a volunteer.  There was wildlife to see, a train robbery, and then we explored the town of Sumpter and had ice cream   On the way home the kids got ride in the caboose which of course they loved!  We saw quite a bit of wildlife on the train which was nice too.

I would recommend this to anyone passing our way

A real wood fired steam train!

the boys

at the top of the caboos checking things out

The train robbers

My kids now have a memory

I thought this pic would look great in black and white

One of the real oil lamps they used in the caboose.  Its so neat looking 

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