Monday, March 12, 2012

At an Antique Show

I went to an antique show with my sister yesterday and had a blast!  It's the first antique show I've gone to since I was a little girl so it was lots of fun.  We just looked around enjoying the booths and chatting.  Sister

My sister in front of a remodeled camper. I tried to make this look like one of those great old 50's photographs that look so retro. They had several of these on display and were so cute!

A lovely display of vintage and antique aprons. The lady was very nice and let me take a picture.  The one she is holding up is a Victorian apron.

An amazing tin dollhouse

These picnic baskets remind me of one my mom had that my sister and I played with and took outside to have tea parties and picnics.

A antique coffee table covered with matchbooks.  The reason I took a picture is because my great grandmother made one of these and it became a family heirloom.  The one here is almost exactly like it and came from the same town and had matchbooks from where my grandmother lived.  Could it be another one she created?

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