Monday, November 28, 2011

The Cherpumpple Cake

We spent a wonderful day at my sisters house for Thanksgiving this year.  Everyone brought a different dish and the turkey was delicious.  But my sister forbade any of us from bringing a dessert.  She had a surprise.  After everyone had eaten their fill of the thanksgiving feast she unveiled her piece de resistance! 

A Cherpumpple Cake

What is this massive thing you might ask.  Well the cher stands for a cherry pie baked in a chocolate cake, the pum stands for a pumpkin pie baked in a yellow cake, and the pple stands for an apple pie baked in a white cake.  Then you layer these one on top of the other with homemade cream cheese frosting and you have the Cherpumpple!  It weighed over 20 lbs and was really good.  The frosting was addictive, and I'm not a frosting fan.  Way to go sis!


  1. I agree, WOW! Did she come up with that recipe herself? Perhaps for Christmas a turduckhen should be on the menu.

  2. LOL! No she saw it on Rachel Ray and had to try it. I think she found the recipe on the internet.


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