Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Saving Rabbit Babies.... Again!

At two days old, see the size difference
It seems like every time our rabbits have a litter they pick the coldest day possible and I end up having to do some quick baby bunny saving.  The bunnies were so cold and still they almost seemed dead, so I rushed them inside and quickly put them on a hot water bottle covered by a washcloth.  Then I took each one and put it in a bowl of warm water holding its little head above the water.  Soon all 7 babies were moving and squeaking.  For some reason we had two huge ones and a bunch of little ones.  It's so cold that I have to keep them inside in a pop box until they fur out.  We bring the momma in twice a day to feed them and give her oats.  So far she (first time mom) is doing fine with this arrangement and I've only lost one that was the smallest and the one I thought was really dead at first.  I think it just was too cold for too long to make it. 

The rest of them look like little water balloons now with tummies full.  They are already getting a thin layer of fuzz and I cant wait to get them out of the house and into the constant care of mom.  With four children, 6 baby bunnies, three kittens, one long haired cat, and a golden retriever in the house the furball and dirty floor problem is reaching critical mass.  I pretty much vacuum and sweep every day because if not I can actually see the piles of fur in corners!  Ugh!  Not to mention the constant ash and firewood debris from using our wood stove everyday.

Oh well


  1. You are an excellent surrogate mama.

  2. I didn't know that at rabbit would feed it's babies like that! You have an exceptional mommy rabbit.


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