Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Harvesting potatoes.... and antique bottles?

I had harvested some of our great potatoes that I planted this spring yesterday and the kids begged if they could continue digging for "treasures".  I said fine since I had other chores to do and nothing keeps kids busy than digging in the dirt.  Soon they had a sizable pit in the garden and started coming across pieces of broken china and old mason jar pieces.  We live in a house that is about 110 years old so this most likely came from quite awhile ago.  Well Husband got interested and started digging too and pulled up a fully intact ink well and and interesting medicine bottle.  Both very old looking.

They cleaned up amazing and shiny and now we all like to dig a little deeper in the garden than necessary!


  1. Wow! That's like being an archiologist. You are like Indiana Jones. lol

  2. LOL

    All I need is the hat!


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