Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drying Laundry in Winter Without Electricity

Yesterday our dryer suddenly stopped drying.  For those of us who like to prep this may be an interesting dry run on what life without electricity would be like until we can get it fixed.  In the summer this would present much less of a problem because I have my nice laundry line I use anyways.

But in winter you usually cant hang clothes outside to dry because they either just freeze or don't dry.

So I practiced hanging the wet clothes on all available surfaces in front of the wood stove.  It takes roughly half a day this way to dry all the way for jeans.  Plus I have to watch the clothes carefully to make sure nothing hanging over starts a fire.

Obviously I need to rig up some type of drying racks for when the electricity goes out.  Those on the east coast are experiencing what this must be like right now.  I'm so thankful we have a nice big wood stove!

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  1. You probably know this (I feel silly telling you, but just in case) someone told me if you add salt to your final rinse water that they wont freeze. Still no guarantee they will dry, though.


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