Friday, August 12, 2011

Of Potatoes and Tomatoes

Well it looks like many things in this years garden are a bust.


But on the upside the tomatoes and potatoes seem to be doing well.  The fruit trees are growing up.  The grapevines have a few grapes on them (this is their second year), and the new strawberry bed is still alive which I count as a victory.  My blueberries are still small little shrubs.  I think they get too much sun? 

Here are some picks of how things look.

My basil is doing good at least

some tomatoes

My little sad beet patch

The very verdant potato patch

My grapevines and strawberry patch

A place to relax

Hubby next to the tarragon, which we have had to cut back.  It's as tall as most adults!

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