Sunday, July 17, 2011

Viking Boy Strikes Again


I was reading a post over at Rural Revolution about trashy parents  here and was reading all the comments as well.  It kind of made me laugh because Viking Boy is constantly trying to escape the confines of our house.  We take him outside to play several times a day but I swear he would be happy to just live and sleep out there!  We now have to keep both a deadbolt and the regular door locks locked at all times.  At least once a week I am seen frantically searching our house and yard because he is missing.  Most of these times I find the door open (left unlocked by one of our other three children) and him trying to get to the tools in the garage (all potentially deadly tools we keep way out of his reach) or on the yard toys.  No amount of explaining, scolding, or spankings have made much of an impact.  Except perhaps they have made him learn the importants of silence when trying to sneak out.

Every time he has gotten out (count is up to five in the last 5 months) my heart is in my throat and I am close to tears.  Even though we live in a small town we still have 5 registered sex offenders and live next to a slightly busy street.  Busy for our town is a car going by about every ten minutes. 

I wonder what our neighbors think of me when I catch him and deliver a few good swats to his behind in full view of everyone telling him " We do not go out without mommy!"?  Because honestly he knows he is not supposed to be out there.  He understands when I say that's a no no.  He just doesn't want to obey me.  He wants to do his own thing.

Although I agree that there are trashy parents (I've come across many who are carbon copies to what Patrice talks about)  I just hope I'm not being classed with them in my neighborhood.  He didn't get the name Viking Boy for nothing!

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