Wednesday, July 27, 2011

For those who would love to have lived 100 years ago


People often tell me I should have lived a hundred years ago since I love to bake, cook over a wood cook stove, garden, sew, can, and until recently milk a cow.  I personally enjoy modern sanitation, medicine, and hot showers too much to long for a different era.  But I do love the femininity and beauty of the fashions of by gone eras.  The women then, even poor women, wore clothes that put ours to shame.  Isn't it sad?  How I would love to dress in the more simple styles of these clothes on a regular basis.

 Calico Prairie Dress
Calico Blouse and Skirt
I found this site while looking for Victorian clothing and it is one of the best and best priced.  I have set a weight goal and when I reach it I'm going to order a few dresses.  We have a Victorian Society here that is very big, and did I mention I also live in a 100 year old Queen Anne Victorian home?

Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

/Vest and Skirt


  1. I'd like to purchase one for my wife...I like the second picture, the blue dress. Nice blog, btw.

  2. The dresses are beautiful but the corsets necessary to were them are torture.


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