Friday, April 8, 2011

Yippy!!! Spring Yard Sale Season Has Begun!

I absolutely love to yard sale!  In part this is because its about the only way I can afford to buy anything for my home.  Necessity is the mother of enjoyment.  Meaning you can turn a necessity into fun when you don't have an option. 

But it's more than that.  It's the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the unknown deal you might find at the next sale.  Who knows what treasure is just waiting for you to discover it?  Shopping at the store is not nearly so fun because you know whats there.  Where's the suspense in that?  Plus I could never afford to buy all the things I get at yard sales at the store.  But now I do know what shopaholics feel when turned loose in a mall with a half dozen fresh credit cards.

Today the only yard sale in town was at the Catholic Church.  Because our town is small and the population is ageing there was mostly older peoples things.  I found some amazing deals though and only spent $3.50 for everything.

A mint condition Super Mario Brothers movie Lunchbox with thermos for Captian Submariens cold lunches $1.00

4 rubbermaid food containers
.10 each

6 small juice cups with tray (perfect for kids drinks at dinner)
.10 each

Oven Thermometer (this is going in my woodcook stove, its has a thermometer on it but since it's a hundred years old it probably isn't accurate anymore)

Kitchen Timer

Four beautifully hand embroidered vintage pillow cases at 25 cents each.  I always snatch up hand embroidered pillow cases and linens because I love them.  Not just how they look but that someone put so much love into them.  At the store these would be at least $30.00 each.

Lace and purple flowers will look amazing in the girls room



simple floral print

Norman Rockwell Coffee table book


  1. I normally didn't go to yard sales that much. But this summer, my plan is to go out nearly every weekend to see what I can find. Just yesterday I found 150+ canning jars for just $15. I'm so excited. I was thinking I would have to purchase them new from the grocery store, but now I'm set!

  2. You can also make pillowcase dresses for the girls with your pillowcases.


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