Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thinking About Winter - The WoodPile

I know most people are praying for winter to finally end this year in America.  Just this last week we had several mini snow storms, almost unheard of in this area!

So you may think its funny that I am already planning for winter.  However when you heat your house with wood and cook with wood you need allot of it.  If you have ever thought about heating with wood I can tell you that you'll need at least five cords of wood for an average house.  If your planning on cooking with wood you will need even more.

Whenever we find free wood we jump on it. Right now we have at least two cords curing for next fall that we went and cut at a family members home.  This year we want to get up to ten cords.  At least five of that is for "just in case".  We live in an area of Washington that has no natural tree growth.  So if TSHTF and we cant afford to drive to places that have lots of wood we will have at least a years worth.

Getting in a winters supply of firewood is very important and you have to start planning in the spring to assure you have enough for a full season. 

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