Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pics of Beauty

Here are some pics that I find interesting because of the contrast.  One set is of the stained glass at our 100 year old church built by the founding pioneers.  Sitting in church with the sunlight (and it almost always is sunny here) filtering through these windows is lovely. 

The second set is of the sun coming streaming through the clouds out on the farmland.  I don't know if it comes through the pictures very well but it was so gorgeous we had to pull over and look at it for awhile.  My breath was taken away.  It makes me realize that God is so good to us to make our world full of wonderful things, He didn't have to do it after all.  Artists strive to create something that comes close to the perfection and grandeur of what we see in nature but no matter how many massive or opulent buildings are built, or paintings painted, or sculptures chiseled.  They can never outdo the magnificence of God's varied creation.

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