Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why I love Dogs

People who treat dogs like humans or call the dog a person drive me nuts.  Mainly because I feel that they are insulting the dog.  A dog is an animal not a person.  And as an animal they are very simple to understand.  A dog will never beat you up for the heck of it, they wont talk bad behind your back, they don't torture or molest children for pleasure.

They are loyal, courageous,  loving, and generally are eager to please their humans.  This of course for dogs that have a human that understands dog nature.  When you see dogs that are neurotic, aggressive, annoying, or dangerous it is almost invariably  because the human owner is trying to treat the dog like a child and not being what the dog needs.  Namely the Pack Leader.

I recently read a book called Ceasers Way which perfectly explains dog behavior and where most Americans go wrong on how to train a dog.  I have always used many of his training tips as a matter of common sense, but then again my father , who always owned and trained black lab hunting dogs, used and explained to us kids the importants of being the pack leader to the family dog.

Our most recent doggy friend Samson, is a golden retriever who we got from a lady for free.  He was already fixed, had all his shots, and was a beautiful dog.  The only problems he apparently had was that he was seriously overweight, and she couldn't walk him due to him pulling on the leash so hard.

Well I used Caesar's Way from the moment we got him and never had a problem with him pulling me, being aggressive or really doing anything bad.  He is an amazing dog (and now about 100 lbs lighter).  He loves our kids, and every kid on the block!  He never digs, chews, makes messes in the house or tries to kill our chickens.  Loving and sweet is his nature, but with the other lady he was unmanageable.

The thing I love most about dogs is that they are sometimes brave and loyal to the point of self sacrifice.  Where as many humans would simply walk away a dog will never abandon a human in need.  The simple nobility of that action is humbling.

Here is a story of a courageous dog and owner that saved a little girl from horrific consequences.  And it wasn't even the girls dog!  God truly blessed the human race with such a wonderful creature that is the dog.

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  1. I feel the same way about our dogs. We have had people give us dogs because they couldn't manage them. We hardly ever have a problem.


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