Monday, January 24, 2011

Pics From the Park

The other day we went and visited my mom in the "big" city and took the kids to the park.  They had a grand time on the big toys.  One toy in particular I loved to see them on.  It has been called Mr. Elephant by generations of kids. Its a very old slide shaped as a circus elephant.  My mom went down it as a child, I went down it, and all of my children went down it.  As a little girl I loved that slide because it was less scary than the huge ladder slides they used to have before the more fainthearted officials put the brakes on toys that could cause maiming.

Mr. Elephant

Captain Submarine with a eye patch.  Why?  Cause he's a pirate of course!

Don't you just want to take him home?

Eldest Daughter loves to climb the rock walls

We also watched as tame squirrels ate peanuts people leave them.  This squirrel let you come within petting distance and this one for some reason thought eating peanuts upside down is the only thing to do.

Viking boys first experience with geese.    He kept saying Peas Mama!  Meaning please mama.   when I asked him what he wanted he pointed to the geese.  So I asked him if he wanted me to get the geese and he said Uh Huh!  Shockingly I refused.  Geese can be very mean when you try to catch them!

Princess in Waiting

This park is my favorite because it is right next to the Columbia river and has beautiful views.   When I was pregnant with three of our children we would go for walks down there to escape the heat.

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