Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Lovely Blog

I just found this great blog called 

Life in the English Cotswolds

It is about life in the English countryside with beautiful pictures of ruins, castles, flowers, wildlife, and other vistas.  I have a secret desire to someday take a long vacation and go to Scotland and England so this blog helps satisfy my curiosity of what certain places look like.  The writer is also very good and has interesting things to say about the history of his pictures.

The thing that always strikes me about England is how manicured it is!  Even when looking at what they call "wild" it looks tame and somewhat civilized compared to the places we have lived in America like Wyoming.  Coming from the arid west I am used to huge expanses of nothing but deserts, mountains, and empty valleys.  The straight lines of ancient stones wall make it look, well, like people have been living there a very long time.

  But then again now that I'm thinking about it I have always lived in desert like areas so anything green growing was there because man was watering it.  When I look at the verdant English countryside perhaps I'm just seeing it as domesticated because I've lived too long in sparse and dry surroundings?

Being a garden and flower addict I find his posts about the many wild and domesticated flowers entertaining and his pictures of them are excellent.

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