Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Sewing

Winter is the perfect time for me to sew because the hectic days of summer gardening and canning are finally over and it gets dark by six forcing us to stay inside next to a cozy fire. For the past two years I have been learning how to sew.  I never learned as a girl and have always wanted to so I asked my husbands grandmother if she would mind teaching me.  Needless to say she was pleased by my interest in furthering my homemaking knowledge.  She sews all her own clothing for her  family and also has been a wonderful mentor for my gardening and canning.  We ended up having an old fashioned sewing day where she showed me how to follow a pattern and cut out the fabric as well as what certain sewing terms meant.  After that I started my sewing journey by making dresses for my youngest daughter.  These were simple patterns that were a good choice for a beginner.

My little girl loves the dresses I make for her.  One dress style that always gets compliments is an old fashioned prairie girl dress.  Think Little House on the Prairie.  I like it because its modest but also allows for a full range of movement when climbing trees or running in the yard.  It has an under dress and a pinafore.

Today I decided to go through my sewing stuff and figure out what I wanted to start sewing this winter.  I need to make several warm dresses for my youngest daughter and lots of flannel pajama pants for the rest of the family.

Fabrics for Youngest Daughter

One dress I have made.  It is from the prairie dress pattern and I still need to make the pinafore.  The pinafore will be navy blue.  these are very comfortable, modest, warm, and adorable.
  I get tons of compliments on them when we go to the park or to church.

Fabric for nightgowns

The patterns I use for Youngest daughters Dresses

I actually really enjoy sewing.  It's fast and fun and you feel as though you have accomplished something. I used to knit but it actually puts me to sleep for some reason.  Great for sleepless nights!


  1. What a sweet dress! I didn't learn to sew as a girl either, but I'm going to begin learning after Christmas.

    I am loom knitting though! I started two weeks ago and I love it.

    What patterns do you use for the pajama pants?

  2. Thanks Michelle! I'll try to get up some pics for the pajama pants but they are just the standard pattern you can find at any fabric store.


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