Monday, September 27, 2010

Pouring out Blessings Like Rain

This has been a week of blessings on our family.  Now those reading this may wonder about my level of expectation when it comes to blessings and think I'm pretty sad.  They would laugh and say that a blessing would be winning the lottery.  And yes that would be amazing.  The things that have been happening are not big to most people but I have learned to appreciate the smallest appearance of God in my life.

On Friday I found free cedar fencing on craigslist and called.  I prayed that the owner would call me back because we are in desperate need of a fence for our dog and children.  I also know that any moderate condition free fencing goes fast on craigslist so I had little hope.  The owner called me right back and said that although others had called first she wanted to give it to us because she was moved by our need for the children.

We also went to Silverwood for our eldest daughters birthday this weekend.  We had two free tickets and the admission was on a half off deal for fall but it was still a lot of money for us!  Right as we got to the ticket office a lovely lady approached me and said that she had three free children's tickets and one free adult pass that she wanted to give us.  Well I almost broke down and cried right there because God was showing his presence in our life.  This lady went on to say that she had been praying to find a family to bless and was so happy she could give it to us. She exuded kindness and love as she spoke to us and all my worries ceased as I praised God for his blessings.  That one act made the whole day golden and continues to humble me.

If we as Christians could see that these simple gestures of kindness and giving could change a persons whole week, month, or life, would we do them more often?  If we glorify God by just showing a small aspect of His loving kindness to a stranger that can change a persons life.

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