Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun at our small town Fair

We have finally gotten done with our local town fair.  It was alot of fun and the kids did great showing rabbits and chickens.  Eldest daughter won best of show and best opposite in rabbits and eldest son won best of breed for his Red Star chicken.  Momma won some ribbons for her jellys, dried flowers, and dress.  And our family won 3rd place for the giant pumpkin contest!  There was also a lovely quilt section as patchwork quilting is very big in our area.  We got to see civil war reinactments from our local civil war society.  We listened to breathtaking accepella singing from some local hudderite girls.  And we generally just had a great time. It was also very exhausting for us though, especially because school starts the week of fair.

Here is a pig after a long day at the fair.  I can sympathise!

Youngest daughter and youngest son playing in a "cabin" during the rabbit show.

Eldest daughter with Best of Show Rabbit
Champagen de Argent- Stormy

Enjoying the fair food before the rodeo

The children with the money they won looking for rolled up bills in a haystack

Eldest son petting the 4-H pigs.  Almost all the 4-H animals are so friendly because the kids lavish so much attention on them.

The best fair I've ever been too

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