Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Samson the Dog of Valor

Samson is a golden retriever that we adopted two months ago.  He is replacing our beloved golden retriever Ginger that died of cancer just before Christmas.  Samson looks just like Ginger except he is FAT!  We have had him on a diet and he is much slimmer but still is a big boy!  He is a wonderful alert dog and growls and barks whenever someone comes by.  He is not however aggressive, although I don't know what he would do if confronted with someone intending to do us harm.  He is so sweet with our children and the children that come over all the time.  He has never even growled at them even though they dress him up and use him as a pillow.  We named him Samson because he just looked like a Samson.  He has very beautiful fur.

Whenever we are outside he posts himself guard duty of the children and follows them wherever they go.  He doesn't dig or chew so he is the perfect dog.

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