Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Unintended Consequenses of Making Foods From Scratch

I first started my from scratch cooking life it was out of desperation.  We were broke and it was either make/grow it myself or go without!  Soon I was canning all our own jams, jelly's, fruits, pickles, and veggies. I would ask people with fruit trees if I could pick their unwanted fruits.

I planted a huge garden every year and I froze stuff or canned from the garden for the winter. I learned how to bake bread, make noodles, and pretty much provide all my own baked goods. Lucky for me I actually enjoy cooking!

However now that we are a little better off I have found unintended drawbacks from having raised my children on real home grown, home cooked, non processed foods.  Last year I was out of action in much of the fall due to surgery and couldn't cook or bake or can.

  As my children began to experience processed foods more we discovered they HATED store bought foods.  The cans of peaches and pears weren't like home canned.  The breads and treats didn't taste as good.  And on it went! I now HAVE to cook home made because my kids don't like the other stuff.  So beware!  If you get your family used to good home cooking their may be no going back!


  1. I know what you mean Sarah! As I add more and more "from scratch" foods, my youngest daughter dislikes eating the processed equivalent! She just loves home made. :-)

  2. My kids were the same way. They still prefer my homemade noodles to the boughten. And there is NO way that they would eat the "spaghetti" in a can products.

  3. I can relate! Our youngest son went on an outing with other youth and church leaders. At the last minute the leaders realized that the hotel no longer served breakfast, so one of the leaders went out to pick up some food for breakfast. She came back with donuts and Sunny Delight (or however you spell it). My son took one look at those items and tried to politely say "Um, no thanks, I don't eat fake food." The leaders were taken aback thinking they had provided well for the youth. Our son went on to explain, "My mom fixes us a hot breakfast every morning." When he got home he told me his version of the story by saying "Mom you have totally spoiled us." I found out the rest on Sunday during the women's meeting. I don't do quite as much as you, but I do cook mostly from scratch and do almost all my own baking. I say keep up the good work!

  4. Haha! Such a problem to have! Congrats on making your kids wise eaters!

  5. Such a tragedy! And, you know, it might very well carry on into future generations. Tsk, tsk, tsk!
    Good for you! Good habits are hard to break!

    I've stayed from processed "meal" foods for my family my whole adult life. Not so much with the goodies, though.


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