Monday, February 22, 2016

Camping Themed Boys Room For Under $100.00

Being thrifty doesn't mean that I live like a monk with no decorations in my house.  In fact I make an effort to create a warm inviting atmosphere in my home.  For my children I want their bedrooms to not only reflect their interests, but also be fun and a place where they can let their imaginations go.

This can be easy if you are wealthy, but for those of us who don't have money for extras creating that special place can be challenging.

When we moved into our new house the boys room was painted blue in the main part.  The "sitting room" that is off to the side was walled with ugly 70's paneling which I have never been a fan of.  Plus it did not go with the rest of the room at all.  It was kind of a shock because the lovely blue walls and amazing windows of the main room clashed so greatly with the dark old paneling.  As our landlord didn't want us painting the paneling I asked if I could cover it up with my idea of a tent.  She said yes and so I started thinking about how I could turn their room into a Camping Themed room.  First I went to pinterest and got some great ideas and picked out what I wanted the tent part to look like.

My first job was to find enough flat white cotton sheets at the thrift store.  I spent about $6.00 to get enough.  Then I dyed the sheets (this is why cotton is important) with coffee to make them look more canvas like.  I was going for those canvas hunting tents that are huge and roomy.

Next me and my trusty staple gun got to work.  The finished product looked like this.

This sign I got from  They are very inexpensive and I could personalize it with my boys names.  It's their fort!

The interior is decorated with antique leather and fur army mittens from their great uncle.  An antique tapestry showing bears from grandma. And an old metal canteen I got at a yard sale for $1.00

A view of the other side with their toy shelves and a coffee table.  I painted the coffee table and small chest of drawers in there with dark blue satin paint so their two dressers, and book shelves match.  I painted the top of the coffee table with chalkboard paint so they can draw on it.  The table is where they assemble all their Lego creations.

This is the reading nook I made.  It's a dog bed wrapped in a flannel sheet.  Then a neat afghan in outdoorsy colors I got for free and two pillows from the thrift store for less than a dollar each. The red plaid arm pillow I got at a yard sale for $1.00.  The kids like to relax here and read.

I hung this lantern from the ceiling and got it at the thrift store for $2.00.  The candle is a flicker candle that turns on automatically in the evenings and turns off after 6 hours.  I got that new for $2.50 and it runs on batteries.

The tent when the kids close it for a more authentic camping feel.

The other side of the tent interior with all the Legos.  Yes those are ALL Legos!

My younger sons bed with a watercolor print of a fox from  Very Cute!  And a old fashioned leather canteen from a yard sale for a buck.

My older sons bed is an antique folding military steel bedframe.  I got it at the thrift store for 5 bucks and found out to buy them anywhere else they are about $400.00.  I was wanting a matching one for my other son but not at that price!  I want to get them matching plaid bedspreads and pillow cases.

The boys book shelves repainted by me to match. 

A wonderful custom Bus Roll that I got for review (more to come on that)  from Great Big Canvas.
I got the idea off of pinterest for the brothers and you can find so many other ideas there

I love this little flickering candle.  It has two wolves to represent my two boys and doubles as a night light.  I got it at the thrift store for $1.99.

So that is my custom room.  All told it really cost me about $20.00 bucks since I got some of the decorations for free.  Shopping at thrift stores and garage sales is something that takes patients.  I don't get what I am looking for every time, but I have a list of things I need and every time I go I check the isles.  This is how I afford to stay home and yet decorate our house really nice.


  1. It's fantastic! ....and I am drooling over the afghan! Trying not to covet! ;)
    And since I never know how to use these profile thingys, my name is Deborah posting as anonymous! ;)

    1. Thank you Deborah! My boys really love it and it makes it such a special room for them.

  2. Sarah,

    I am a new reader and I have to say that I wish my, now grown, boys were still little so that I could make them a room just like this. So darling, and sooooo thrifty....LOVE it!


  3. That is amazing! I love every special touch and can picture two little campers sharing secrets, plotting and planning, and filled with love. A parent never really knows what their child will remember ouf their childhood, but I'm pretty sure this room will top their list.

  4. How fun!!! What child wouldn't want this for a bedroom! Thank you for sharing the frugal and fun inspiration on the Art of Home-Making Mondays. You have a really nice blog :)

  5. What a fun and adventurous look to a boys' bedroom.... just perfect for them... and you did such a great job. :)

  6. Such a cute room idea! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  7. Wow, that looks awesome! What a special place you created for your boys with just some around-the-house items, and turning it into an incredible place where great memories can be made! Visiting you from Strangers and Pilgrims :) Have a great day!

  8. My young grandsons would love this and never come out of their room! So glad you shared with us at the Merry Monday party.


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