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Christmas Gift Guide - Darn Tough Vermont Socks

Darn Tough Socks

Winter weather is here with all it's fun outdoor activities.  From trekking through the beautiful countryside, hunting, watching outdoor football games, or playing in the snow the colder temperatures mean dressing more warmly. 
My family is a big into the outdoors.  We love to hunt, fish, and go up to the mountains just to explore.  So when Darn Tough Vermont offered to let me review their socks I was thrilled!  So why am I so excited?  Because these socks are guaranteed for life!  That's right FOR LIFE!

Darn Tough Vermont is a company that manufactures woman's, men's, and kids wool socks that are built to last.  Read about their great products and how they makes them Darn Tough HERE.
Here is a Blurb about the company: 
 Over 30 years ago our family opened a mill and began making socks in Northfield, Vermont.  Frigid winters and humid summers taught us that all socks are not created equally. Living in the most unforgiving climate in the lower 48, our socks had to be tough and of course they certainly had to keep our feet dry and warm. Whether skiing, hiking, biking, climbing or running, our Darn Tough Vermont socks kept our feet oblivious to the elements.
 Our team spent over a year testing yarn combinations and designs, confident that during this process we could create something unique; a sock that we could guarantee for life. And as a 3rd generation sock guy, I can tell you that what has kept my family in the sock business, in America, is the pursuit of quality.
Wow that goes to show you how great these socks are! Not only that but they are Made In The USA but they have a Lifetime Guarantee, no questions asked!

That is a pretty amazing isn't it? I have never heard of socks that are guaranteed for life! My husband, son, and I both got to try a pair of the socks.  From the minute we put them on we loved them. The super cushioning was so great and they fit snugly without being too tight. They are also wonderfully warm but still breath because of the wool.   Our house is very cold and these socks keep our feet warm no matter what the temperature. The wool is so soft that it didn't irritate our skin like some wool products can.   This is a big plus because I hate the itchy wool feeling.
My son loves his socks.  He wears them as much as possible. Two to three times per week.  I also have a pair of Darn Tough Vermont socks that I got for my younger son last year and they are still going strong with no noticeable wear even though he wears them at least twice a week.  Can you tell which ones are over a year old?  And just remember these are little boys wearing them to play outside.  I can't believe how tough they really are!  Just think, if you bought 10 pairs you would never need to buy socks again for the rest of your life.
Darn Tough socks are more pricey that plain old cotton socks, but then again they are guaranteed for life!  Also if you look at any wool hunting, hiking, or ski-ing socks they are the same price.  Being Thrifty doesn't just mean buying things cheap.   In fact being thrifty means spending money wisely.  Many times I spend a little more money for something that I know will last several times longer than the cheaper stuff.  Sometimes you have to pay for quality and that is especially true when it comes to foot products.
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I would recommend these to anyone looking for high quality wool socks.  What a great Christmas Gift these would make as stocking stuffers!  These are especially good for hunters, outdoors man, ski-ers, those that work outdoors, and hikers.  They even have a fashion line with really cute styles.  I think anyone would love to find these under the tree.  You can find them at many stores such as REI and SocksAddict.
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  1. Thank you for your recommendation of Darn Tough socks. I love made in USA products. Also, your review allows me to shop with more confidence.


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