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Review/Giveaway - Maty's Natural Cold and Flu Products

I have to admit that I'm a little obsessed with being ready for cold and flu season.  With four children preventing them has become a part time job in my life because when one of us gets sick all of us gets sick.  It slowly wends it's way through the family resulting in me playing nurse for about a month. I call it our Month Long Winter Illness Celebration. .

Recently though, I have been looking for natural cold and flu meds for my children and I.  I tend to have weird reactions to standard over the counter meds, and I would much rather use natural products for my children any day.

That's when I discovered Maty's Healthy Products!  Maty's is a company that makes all natural cough syrups, chest rubs, and even a nasal ointment for adults and children. 

Here is some info on the founder and her company:

In 1996, my daughter Maty was born with severe heart defects. And to make matters worse, she was born without a spleen. It was a challenging time for our family. By age five she underwent three complex surgeries to repair her heart. Although her heart was mended, she was left with difficult medical issues and a weakened immune system. Her condition made her vulnerable.

Desperate to help my little girl, I devoted my time to finding natural remedies that would help her get and stay healthy. Along the way, I uncovered many traditional natural remedies that were no longer widely used. I began to apply modern knowledge of nature’s healing agents to the age old remedies I was discovering. They became very popular with family and friends.

It is these traditional remedies I discovered in my research that have now become Maty’s All-Natural product line, available from my family to yours. Our line of all-natural remedies is made from only the purest ingredients, procured from responsible sources. They are safe and effective and created straight from a mother’s loving heart. We believe that when you GET BETTER you will DO BETTER! We wish you continued good health and happiness….naturally.

When Maty's offered to send me their line for a review I was thrilled!  I too have searched for all natural products for my children ever since my eldest son was born with severe allergies to any synthetic cleaners or products.  The more I found out about chemicals used in everyday products the less I wanted to expose any of my family to them.  So I sympathize with the founder of Maty's completely!

Maty's sent me their full line for review.  The first thing I tried because I had come down with a cold, was their adult chest rub.  I love chest rubs because they help me breath but don't have nasty side effects like traditional over the counter meds.  However I do wonder what company's put in them since it is absorbing into my skin.  Maty's Chest Rub was amazing though.  Not only is it all natural, but it smells amazing and did clear my nose and help with my cough.  It also didn't burn like some chest rubs do on my skin.  This is a product I will use all winter!

One of my children also came down with the same cold so I had a chance to try the children's chest rub on them.  Now my kids hate chest rubs, most children seem to in fact.  But Maty's Children's Chest Rub seemed to be less hated and more tolerated.  First off it doesn't burn or tingle, which is what my children seem to hate, and it smells heavenly!  I noticed my child slept better and their nose was clearer for breathing after application.

I also got the all natural baby ointment.  Although I don't have a baby anymore I did use it on my chapped skin and it helped protect the skin and heal it faster.  For a baby's bum this would work great and is petroleum free!

I also tried both cough syrups, one for me and one for my children.  It really did seem to help with the cold and tasted good for both of us.  I love that it's all natural and contains buckwheat honey.  Also for children here is a big benefit.  With over the counter children's cold meds you have to be really careful with dosage, every year children go to the emergency room due to overdosing on cold meds either from parent mistakes or from getting ahold of the bottle.  But with Maty's since it is food based you don't have to be concerned (but you still should be careful, use common sense)!  I was always a little paranoid and kept (and still keep) all meds and cleaners well out of my children's reach.  These products would have been such a comfort when my children were toddlers!

The last thing I tried was the nasal ointment.  You actually put this in your nose and I was a little nervous about trying it.  I have sinus problems so I was wondering if it would help.  The thing I thought might happen is it burning, but it didn't at all!  It did seem to gently help clear my nasal passages and that is a big plus for me!

I would recommend Maty's Healthy Products to anyone looking for all natural cold and flu aids this year.  It is priced the same as other over the counter meds, all natural, found at many retailers, and most importantly works!  You can buy Maty's Healthy Products at many retailers found HERE.

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The Giveaway!

To get your prepared for cold and flu season Maty's has generously offered to give one of my lucky readers their full line of Healthy Products! They will receive one full sized bottle of Adult Cough Syrup and Adult Chest Rub. Use the rafflecopter below to enter.  All entries are optional, all winning entries are verified for completion." rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I learned that the natural cough syrup has immune-boosting ingredients.

  2. I Learned that there drug free, safe and Natural,have Anti-Oxidents

  3. Matys uses food-based ingredients in their products which helps you heal Naturally.

  4. These look like a great all-natural product, perfect for the "medicine" chest for this winter. There is also 10 immune boosting ingredients.

  5. I learned you get 10 immune boosters in every spoonful.

  6. These look great! Are they available in the UK? Colds whip through my 4 kids like wild fire too :(

    Thanks for sharing ( I'm pinning this now. Hope you come back next week!

  7. There are immune boosters in their products.

  8. I learned that they use Our Food-Based Ingredients.

  9. The All Natural Breath Better Nasal Ointment would be helpful for my husband.

  10. I learned they are safe, natural and effective. I would like for my grandkids.

  11. I learned that all their ingredients are food based.

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  13. They have a baby chest rub too.


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