Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Cat Had Kittens! With Pics!

Here she is in labor before the first kitten. 
She kept lifting her leg.
Well our cat Chirpa (my 11 year old son got to name her. It's the name of the Ewock Chief in star wars) has been getting bigger and bigger over the last few weeks until I thought she would pop! And then finally she went into labor.  Right before for about two days she became very clingy and at night would try to sleep on my head all night!

So the labor went fine with no complications.  I was home so we made a birthing center on top of my bed so that I could monitor the progress since this is her first (and last!) birth.  Within two hours she had four little kittens.  Three white and one black and white just like her.

In the middle of birthing

All kittens are born here and searching for a nipple

2 days old
A happy attentive mama

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