Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Day The Rabbit Died... Warning Disturbing Content

Please do not read this if you are disturbed by another person being happy that a fuzzy animal died.

Today the rabbit died...  And yes I am happy about that.

You see there are two types of rabbits in this world.  The first are the rabbits we see at Easter and on TV. They are cute, cuddly, and harmless.  Something you want to bury your face in and squeeze and possibly name George.

But there is a darker side to the rabbit species.  Ninja rabbits that will mercilessly ravage innocent gardens in one night and reduces beautiful cabbages and lettuces to massacred remains that would take DNA samples to identify.

Check the video below if you don't believe me

This is the diabolical fiend I have been dealing with since I planted my garden.  It started with two wild rabbits.  I would catch them in my garden first thing in the morning (I get up before dawn).  They obviously thought that they had stumbled into a gold mine of free food.  Well I quickly disabused them of that notion with my .22 killing the first one right off.  After that the second rabbit wised up and only made midnight raids in terroristic style.

Finally we decided to try a live trap because ... shall I say it.. I cant resist.... That Waskaly Wabbit  just wouldn't come out during daylight.   However this demon of the rabbit world would not take the bait, literally.  I was getting more and more frustrated with my daily discoveries of garden mayhem when luck finally showed up.

There was a huge rabbit RIGHT IN my garden this morning.

My husband who missed out on the first shooting made me promise to let him shoot it if he was home.  So I woke him up and he sighted that little bugger in and put and end to the pillaging.  When it comes to marauders in my garden I can be a little blood thirsty.  Apparently civilization is only skin deep with me.

Rabbits are great on tv but if they get into my garden their days are numbered.


  1. Good for you! I live in a desert, and having a well, we have a green spot in the middle of it. This is what must have caught the eyes of a California squirrel. Last year it moved in and started stripping my trees and bushes of leaves, bark, and half ripened fruit. We put an end to that little sucker with our .22 rifle, and fed the carcass to the coyotes we give our leftovers to. Mama coyote grabbed it and took it up to her cubs. We have a mutual agreement with the coyotes, we give them our leftovers, and they leave our trash and little dogs alone. This arrangement has worked for over 10 years now.

  2. LOL! A woman after my own heart! I have some rabbits I would like to get my sights on. I am guilty of drowning several baby rabbits I found in the hay this spring. It was hard, but I don't need FIVE more rabbits ravaging my garden.I have a woodchuck, too, I need to eliminate. Small woodland creature become less cute and cuddly when they take food out of your family's mouths.


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