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Review and Giveaway- Soap Nuts and Argan Oil Soap From The Eczema Company

The Eczema Company
Do you struggle with itchy patches of skin or rashes that come and go.  Well you may have exzema!  I have eczema and so does my eldest son. In fact he was born with Infantile Eczema and it was horrible.  We struggled for years to help him on our own and finally went to using all natural cleaners and skin products as his allergies were caused by chemical exposure.  I sure wish I had known about The Eczema Company back then!
We still have to use all natural cleaners and still have occasional outbreaks of Eczema with my son, usually when he is exposed to some outside chemical.  The Eczema Company is a company devoted to finding products that help this common ailment. Here is a little info on why they do what they do.
The Eczema Company was created by our family to help others dealing with the daily challenges of managing eczema. We know all about the intense itching, the sleepless nights (for the whole family!) and the desperation to find something to make the discomfort even the tiniest bit better. Our son developed a baby rash and was diagnosed with eczema at three months old. His skin continued to worsen and at age three his body was 90% covered in what looked like severe burns. Around that time we discovered he has many food allergies and sensitivities, some lead to eczema flare-ups and some lead to immediate itching. Now that we’ve found his triggers, our son’s skin is much better.
We have tried countless eczema creams, eczema clothing, etc. and have made our favorites available to you in this eczema store. As you know, what works for one person's eczema may not work for another. We realized this after seeing our closet full of partially used eczema creams that were recommended for Tristan, but just didn’t help his itchy skin. While all eczema is different, we want to provide you with products try that we believe in because they work. We hope they bring you and your family some much-deserved relief.
I have to say there is help out there for those suffering from eczema!  I was impressed with the selection of products The Eczema Company carries.  Not just creams and soaps, but clothing, jewelry, herbal supplements, and books.

They sent me two products for the purposes of this review.  The first is a something I have only heard of just recently called Nepalese Soap Nuts.  These are a certified organic, Hypoallergenic, Natural Laundry "Detergent." Also works great in the bath as a body wash and as a shampoo! I can say they really do work! They leave no scent on your wash and get stains out, but you do have to use hot or warm water for your wash. I liked them allot, especially since they didn't cause my son to break out. These are really affordable and come with simple directions on how to use them.
 The world’s best soap nuts, or ‘’soap berries’’ as they are more accurately called as they are not actually a tree nut, grow wild in the mountains of Nepal. Traditionally used by the Nepalese as a laundry soap, soap nuts have been gaining in popularity worldwide with people who want to avoid the industrial chemicals found in commercial laundry detergents, particularly those with sensitive skin and/or allergies for whom it’s vital. And especially those with eczema and psoriasis.
These wild crafted Nepalese soap nuts are harvested by hand in the Himalayan Mountains where the atmospheric and soil conditions are optimal for growing Sapindus Mukorossi (the best soap nuts in the world) with the highest concentration of natural saponins (soap) in the world. The soap nuts are then deseeded by hand and placed in the sun to dry before being hand packaged in wild crafted, handmade Nepalese lokta paper bags. These soap nuts have never been touched by industrial equipment or chemicals.
They are economical too. You can do a load of laundry for less than you now spend on commercial detergents, and you don’t need to spend a cent on fabric softeners or dryer sheets because soap nuts have anti-static properties, and they’re a natural fabric softener too.
The second product they sent me is their Argan Oil Soap and Shampoo Bar.  It has exactly four ingredients Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Natural Spring Water and Lye. As anyone who suffers from skin allergies can tell you the less ingredients the better when it comes to soaps. I found this soap to be great. The sent is natural and very light. It left my skin feeling clean but very soft and moisturized. It also has lasted a very long time in our shower, which I have noticed is a problem with hand made soaps. They tend to disintegrate quickly.
In conclusion I would recommend The Eczema Company to anyone looking for natural skin care products and cleaners at good prices.  Even those who are not troubled with eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis can benefit from this store as limiting our exposure to the standard chemicals put into most home and body care products is a good idea.

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The Giveaway!

The Eczema Company has generously offered to give one luck Thrifty Housewife reader their own Nepalese Soap Nuts and Argan Oil Soap and Shampoo Bar!  Use the rafflecopter below to enter, all entries are optional, all winning entries will be checked for completions.  Open to US and Canada.  Good luck!
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  1. I actually just placed an order from here to try out the oatmeal baths, manuka honey, hazelwood necklace, and scratch me not sleeves! My little guy has really bad eczema and I can't use a steroid after reading side effects!

    1. you may want to make your own moisturizer, called a hard lotion bar (shea butter, coconut oil & beeswax) MadeOn is where I learned how to do this & I use her recipe, see http://www.hardlotion.com/ shea butter & beeswax pastilles I buy from The Soapers Choice

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