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Review/Giveaway - Preparedness Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Package and 5 Gallon Food Grade Buckets w/Gamma Lids

So this is going to be an interesting review.  Either you believe in being prepared or you don't.  But maybe you are just wondering about what would happen if you lost your job and couldn't find a new one and all the social safety nets weren't available.

I believe in being prepared and it has served me well in my marriage.  My husband has had several job losses and having a good food storage supply and the ability to grow my own food and produce my own eggs has saved our butts more than once. I love to grow veggies and fruits which of course helps.  Over the years I have used heirloom seeds more and more.  I find the flavor and diverse varieties much more satisfying.

Preparing for economic hardship is just good common sense.  Producing your own food is the first step to true independence.

Pleasant Hill Grain, based in Nebraska is a company that carries all sorts of products to help you live a more self sufficient life.  From grain mills, juicers, bread ovens, and different food processors to long term food storage, baking supplies, whole grains, and Long Term Storage Garden Seeds.

 In fact they have several different packages to supply you with all you need to produce your own food and even medicines.

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds (open pollinated, non-hybrid)

Herb Seed Collection

Fruits 'N Such Seed Collection

Medicinal Herb Seed Collection

Ancient Seeds Collection

Salsa Collection

Ultimate Seed Supply (Bundled)
Pleasant Hill Grain sent me their Heirloom Vegetable Seeds that retails for $44.99 and two of their food grade 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids.  The buckets sell for $6.99 and come in several colors.  This is good if you are setting up long term food storage because you could use a different color for different food types.  Such as blue for rice, red for wheat, etc.  The gamma lids are very important because they keep your stored items safe and fresh for years.  Here is a description

 This remarkably practical two-part gadget transforms a standard plastic bucket into a rugged, gasketed, resealable storage container that's both air-tight and water-tight. Just snap the outer ring down onto your bucket. The threaded lid turns easily with molded-in grip bars. These lids are heavy duty for years and years of service. The ring has a polymer gasket where it seats against the lid of your bucket, and the threaded lid has another polymer gasket, giving the container an air-tight, water-tight seal that excludes not only such freeloaders as mice and insects, but moisture too.
 The Gamma Lids come in several colors and sell for $8.95 and are reusable.  They are food grade and fit standard buckets.
The buckets and lids they sent me worked great and I used them to store sugar.  I love how easy the lids were to use. Sometimes storage lids are so hard to work with!  The Heirloom vegetable seeds come with many varieties that I already use and love and come with enough seeds to plant 3/4 of an acre of garden and are open pollinated and GMO free.  You could just use this as a starter garden kit and not for emergencies at all!  If stored at 70 degrees these seeds will keep for 4 to 5 years.
The Varieties Are

Sweet Corn, Country Gentleman, 5 oz.
Onion, Utah Yellow Sweet Spanish, 10 grams
Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing, 10 grams
Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut, 10 grams
Squash Zucchini, Italian Stripe, 10 grams
Radish, Champion, 10 grams
Tomato, Rutgers, 5 grams
Swiss Chard, Lucullus, 10 grams
Pea, Early Frost, 10 ounces
Beet, Detroit Dark Red, 10 grams
Cabbage, Golden Acre, 10 grams
Broccoli, Green Sprouting, 10 grams
Lettuce, Paris Island Cos, 5 grams
Cucumber, Straight Eight 76, 10 grams
Carrot, Scarlet Nantes, 10 grams
Pepper, Yolo Wonder, 5 grams
Bush Bean, Strike, 5 ounces
Cantaloupe, Hales Best Jumbo, 10 grams
I would recommend Pleasant Hill Grain to anyone looking for well priced preparedness, self sufficiency items, or high quality baking supplies and grain mills.

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Pleasant Hill Grain has been super generous by offering to give one lucky Thrifty Housewife reader The Heirloom Vegetable Seeds (open pollinated, non-hybrid)  and two 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids!  That's a $77.00 Value!  Use the rafflecopter to enter, all entries are optional, all winning entries will be verified for completion.  Good Luck!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

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